Visualize EAGLE PCB designs in 3D



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  • Preview your boards in 3D
  • Upload your projects from anywhere.
  • Access them on any device.
  • Share with anyone.
  • Preview PCB's in 3D. Upload a .brd file and the tool will produce a 3D rendering if the PCB based on your design.
  • High detail PBR rendering, achieved trough textures combined with bumpmaps and shadows.
  • CAD-like assembly tree displaying all rendered parts of the PCB, including board layers, devices and linked boards/models.
  • Shared 3D Model database. The tool provides hundreds of 3D models for common devices, but models uploaded by other users can also be used (if they're marked as shared)
  • STL and OBJ export.
  • Board piggybacking on a single scene by exporting a board as a library part and importing it in another board.
  • Board sharing for collaborative work.
  • Board iframe embedding support.
  • Fine control over which eagle layers are used to render copper, silk screen and solder mask.
  • 3D Anaglyph rendering.

The tool currently has close to three hundred 3D models of different devices. We've tried to include the most used packages, but we can't account for every device out there, and probably your board won't render completely the first time you load it.

When a board is uploaded for the first time, the tool tries to match devices based on their names as specified in the .brd file. For example "1x06" named device will load a 1x6 .1' pin header. "C0805" will try to find a 3D model for a 0805 size cap.

Device models can be found in the "3D Library" section or inspected in the assembly list while viewing a board. If a device is missing a 3D model there are several options to define one:

  • Find it in the existing models library. The 3D model may exists, but with a different name than specified in the .brd file.
  • Define a box - find the datasheet for your device and get the dimensions from there.
  • Define a cylinder - same as a box
  • Extrude a shape - draw one or more shapes using a simple interface and extrude each one of them by a certain amount.
  • Upload a file - stp, stl and dae formats are currently supported. Most connector manufacturers provide a step file for their products.


We've only tested the tool with EAGLE version 7 and 8, but in theory it should be able to render a board made with version 6 since thats when CadSoft introduced the xml file structure.

NB! Currently internal board layers cannot be inspected.


The tool is implemented using WebGL so browser support is limited. It's stable under the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera. IE/Edge is not supported.